We were born for IT

About B-I-T-S

We are a technology company that was originally started by two web developers in 2014 as a web development company. We have been in the technology space since then and to this day, we are proud to be in the part of the computer science industry and hope to expand our brand  to more solutions for the future. Our motto “enlightening the future” is all about building a technology driven impact for the country and the people that live in it. Products like mentorship and tutoring are there to make sure that we drive the upcoming technology geeks to become more computational thinkers.

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A well-trained society and more especially employees that are well trained in their roles make a business far better in many ways.

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Software Development

We offer team of experts like: business analysts, software designers, software developers, project managers and testers

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Data Analysis – Dashboarding

This solution provides at-a-glance, views of key performance indicators relevant to an objective or business process.

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SMS services

SMSes are still the most used way of sending communication to your stakeholders. All mobile phones can receive a SMS.

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Short Codes

Premium rated emails offer an easy way of getting in touch with your stakeholders. This option is mostly used for competitions but may be used to get  feedback from customers.

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Database cleaning

Often cases we receive raw database with a lot of numbers that do not exist. We provide accurate information regarding the validity

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